"You seriously don’t know how much these things (kids ear muffs) have changed our lives, or should I say Alexia’s. We have been in psych therapy for two years over her fear of loud noises, after a clown burst a balloon in her face at her first birthday! Life in her short 7 years hasn’t been fun.
I haven’t been able to go to a children’s party for years without her being totally hysterical, no concerts, no fireworks...the list goes on. I always persevered because I didn’t want her to be socially incapacitated.
I took my 2 year old “Joseph” to a wiggles concert at xmas, and it was only because of the man with the twin daughters next to me (they had a pair each) thats when I found about you.
I came home from the concert and jumped online and purchased. I wasn’t wasting time LOL.
When the ear muffs arrived, I showed Alexia, words cannot express the look on her face, she was so excited and said “Mummy now maybe I don’t have to be worried anymore”, tears rolled down her face, out of joy.....
Alexia is still in therapy, but she doesn’t miss out on anything now. The ear muffs are the first thing she packs when she goes anywhere, in fact they live in the car....
I can’t thank you enough!"
- Maria


 “Just wanted to say thanks!
Ear muffs arrived this morning - the kids love them"

- Clayton

“Thanks these are great and he just looks so darling!”

 “Great product. Went to a football game with 70K people and baby slept thru.”