How will I know that the ear muffs are fitted correctly on my child?
Make sure the child's ears are enclosed inside the space in the ear cups and that the cushions seal fully against the head around the full perimeter if the child's ear. Adjust the headband so that it sits comfortably over the top of the head. Sunglasses, reading glasses, hats and thick hair can reduce the performance and fit of ear muffs.

What are the differences between the Peltor Kid Ear Muff and Peltor Junior Ear Muffs?
The only difference is the colour, packaging and style names. They are exactly the same ear muff otherwise. The reason they have different names is because the Junior is marketed in the U.S. and the Kid to Europe and Australia.

What does NRR and SNR stand for and what do they mean?
NRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating, and SNR stands for Single Noise Ratio.These figures give you an idea of how much sound the hearing protection device cuts out. For example, If you are at a rock concert with noise levels of 110 decibels and you are wearing ear muffs with a 22NRR, the average levels of noise you are being exposed to is 88 decibels (110 minus 22).These two ratings use different methods of calculation and because of this the SNR rating will come out higher than the NNR rating.

Will my child be able to hear anything with the ear muffs on?
Yes, your child will still be able to hear, this is important to their safety, however the dangerous levels of noise will be reduced and the sounds will be muffled. 
The less noise the child is exposed to, the less noise the ear muffs will let through. This also applies to ear plugs.

I've been told that babies aren't suppose to wear ear muffs as it can damage their soft skulls. Is this true?
It is a common misconception, and something that was a concern to me also before i originally purchased a pair for my own son and fully investigated the issue. Actually hundreds of thousands of kids ear muffs have been sold world wide without a single complaint of head deformation. All of the ear muffs we sell have gone through safety testing and meet Australia's high safety standards.

The all elastic headband of the Em's 4 Bubs 'newborn' design, evenly distributes any pressure around the skull so there is very little pressure placed on any one area of the head.

Of course, if you are still concerned, just use common sense. Use the right ear muffs for the right age group and keep usage to a minimum. Usually ear muffs are only used occasionally for loud events and are not worn often enough or for long enough to cause damage to soft skulls.

Can I buy your earmuffs in any retail store?
Check out our "Stockists" page for a stockist near you!

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What options are there for a newborn baby?
Em's 4 Bubs Ear Muffs are now available. They are the worlds first ear muff designed especially for newborn babies.

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